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Policies and Leadership

This page is meant to help you learn more about how and why we do things at Grace. 

Our church is overseen by a "Vision Team," which is comprised of nine people nominated by our church membership and elected in our annual meeting (called the "Charge Conference"). These nine people are:

Luke Naylor (Chair), James Meyer (Vice Chair), Bill Arnold (Facilities Point of Contact), DeAnn Graham (Facilities), Rachel Jolley (Staffing Point of Contact, Secretary, GLC Board Rep), Dan Perry (Lay Leadership Rep), Jan Gruen (Financials Point of Contact), Christy Lamas (Financials).

We work to be very transparent, and only have closed meetings if they are dealing with an individual's personal information or similar confidential information. Everyone is welcome to attend any of our Vision Team meetings.

We love to share God's facilities with groups that share our commitment to our community.  

We are working on updated policies and procedures, which we will post here soon. In the meantime, if you want to visit about your group helping us share God's love and build up our neighbors, contact lori.zelle@graceconway.org.