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Grace Kids

Worship Services

Children are always welcome in worship at Grace. We have a special area on the west side of our sanctuary we call the "Prayground". It's designed especially for families with young children to make children's experience in worship less constrained. We have activity boxes and coloring pages here and at the sanctuary entrance doors.


Our nursery is available on Sunday mornings, Wednesday evenings, and for most other church events in Room 203. It is staffed by caring adults who follow our safe sanctuary policies and undergo a background check. Youth volunteers undergo training in policies and procedures, and are supervised by the adult leaders.

Sundays | 8:15am - 12:30pm

Wednesdays | 6:00 - 8:00pm

Our children's ministry, GraceKids, exists for one purpose, to transform lives by reaching out to children and their families, assisting them in growing relationships with Christ and becoming leaders for the Kingdom. Our events, programs, and Bible study curriculum align with our core values:

  • Spirituality
    • Provide children with an understanding of the love and sacrifice made by Jesus Christ and the unconditional love from God the Father that will encourage them to develop a lasting relationship with their heavenly father through prayer life and studying His word.
  • Education
    • Establish a caring and accepting environment for kids to learn about God's word through Bible study and life lessons.
  • Love
    • Providing a loving environment where children feel accepted and comfortable.
  • Character
    • Teach children to live by the "Golden Rule" and strive to do right when no one is looking, with honorable character. Such character values would include respect, obedience, diligence, wisdom, kindness, self-control, orderliness, service, attentiveness, cooperation, courage, honesty, forgiveness, and responsibility.
  • Motivation
    • Encourage children to continue in their spiritual walk by providing educational activities that are exciting and challenging.
  • Outreach
    • Promote the concepts taught in the classroom by offering opportunities for children to become the hands and feet of Jesus through mission work.

Grace Learning Center

GLC is a full-time childcare facility based in Grace United Methodist church open weekdays from 7:30am to 5:30pm. We offer a loving, safe, and educational environment for your child to grow, learn, and play. We understand how difficult it can be for working parents to balance all of their commitments and responsibilities. For this reason, we strive to offer a program that will enrich your child's development while putting your mind at ease. It is our goal to offer your family the quality childcare experience you deserve. If you would like more information or to stop by for a visit we encourage you to contact the GLC office at 501-404-8816 or visit the GLC website here.


GLC Director 



Rae Hooker